BBQs 2U – Unlock Your Inner Chef with Blackstone Original Griddles

BBQs 2U is authorised as a dealer of BBQ brands like Masterbuilt and Kamado Joe, Oven brands like Ooni, Gozni, and Delivita, as well as Blackstone Original Griddles.

The retail store is a family business that has gained popularity due to its passion, efforts, and dedication towards its customers.

If you’re new to the barbequing world, unlock your inner chef with Blackstone 36in griddle. On BBQs 2U, it is currently offered at £849.99. Customers around the United Kingdom can get free delivery the next day.

The Blackstone Original 36″ Griddle with Hood is a popular outdoor cooking station with 768 square inches of cooking space – the griddle can easily accommodate a large amount of food, making it perfect for feeding a crowd.

Four independently controlled burners

The four independently controlled burners on the Blackstone 36″ griddle allow –

·         Temperature Control

Each burner has its individual control knob, allowing you to adjust the heat level independently. This means you can:

·         Cook different foods at ideal temperatures

Sear steaks on high heat while simmering onions on low heat, or keep pancakes warm while eggs cook.

·         Create temperature zones

Establish a hot zone for searing and a more relaxed zone for finishing dishes or keeping cooked food warm.

·         Simmer and slow cook

Use a low burner setting for simmering sauces or slow-cooking stews directly on the griddle.

·         Multitasking

With four burners, you can cook multiple dishes simultaneously, maximizing your cooking surface and efficiency. This is especially helpful for large gatherings or when you have a variety of dishes to prepare.

·         Flexibility

The independent control allows you to adapt to different cooking styles and techniques. You can use all burners on high for a quick stir-fry or use just one burner for a more focused cooking experience.

·         Fuel Efficiency

Only using the burners you need can help save propane, especially when cooking smaller portions or using only specific areas of the griddle.

Total cooking power

Having 60,000 BTUs of total cooking power in the Blackstone 36″ griddle, you can enjoy:

  • Faster cooking times
  • Superior searing capabilities
  • Temperature control flexibility for diverse cooking
  • Efficient handling of large batches
  • Better wind resistance for outdoor use

Rear grease management system

 The patented rear grease management system on Blackstone Griddles is a highly praised feature that simplifies cleanup.

  • Grease channel is built-in the top surface and slopes to the rear allowing to collect grease when you cook efficiently.
  • Grease trap at the rear is a removable cup, which collects the grease flowing from the griddle surface.
  • Containing grease improves hygiene as pests are not attracted, and the grilling area is kept clean.

Other compelling features

  • Electronic ignition system: This makes it easy to start the griddle with just the push of a button.
  • Dual folding side shelves: These shelves provide extra prep space and fold down for easy storage.
  • Magnetic utensil retention strip: This keeps your utensils close at hand and organized.
  • Pivoting paper towel holder: This makes it easy to grab a paper towel when needed.
  • Durable construction: The griddle is made from heavy-duty steel, so it’s built to last.

The Blackstone Griddles are versatile and powerful. The 36″ griddle is perfect for unlocking your inner chef this summer. Give BBQs 2U showroom in Abersoch a visit!

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