Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

A woman’s low testosterone levels can affect several aspects of her life. While it is possible to have a low testosterone level simply because of age, it can be more serious than that. Testosterone is necessary for several functions of the body, including maintaining a healthy appearance, memory, and cognition. Maintaining normal levels of this essential hormone is critical for a woman’s good health and quality of life. A woman suffering from low testosterone may find comfort in testosterone replacement therapy.

The goals of testosterone replacement therapy are to increase serum testosterone levels to a level that is similar to that of young adults. The goal of testosterone therapy is to maintain physiologic serum concentrations and alleviate symptoms of hormone deficiency. The ultimate goals of testosterone replacement therapy are to maintain the highest possible quality of life, reduce disability, and compress major illnesses into an age range as narrow as possible. By boosting testosterone levels, men may be able to avoid the risks of diabetes and other serious conditions.

Studies on the safety of testosterone replacement therapy have yielded mixed results. In some studies, men on testosterone replacement therapy showed improved walking distance and widened healthy arteries, but did not experience angina. A recent study on 83,000 men found that those whose testosterone levels returned to normal were 24 percent less likely to develop a heart attack or stroke than those who did not take the treatment. These findings were not surprising. The study was conducted in a controlled environment, and participants had a chance to receive treatment.

In some cases, low testosterone can result in a number of issues. Some men experience decreased libido, difficulty concentrating, weight gain, and relationship problems. Many men also develop sexual difficulties or emotional issues when their testosterone levels are low. These issues can lead to serious depression and can affect their overall quality of life. Testosterone replacement therapy can help men regain their quality of life and improve their ability to engage in sexual activity.

In addition to the potential negative consequences on your health, testosterone replacement medication can be quite pricey. Most health insurance policies will not pay for testosterone treatment since it is classified as a Tier 2 drug. The typical monthly expense for testosterone replacement medication ranges between $550 and $600. Included in this purchase is one single vial of testosterone gel or a patch. It is feasible to obtain testosterone injections for a significantly lower price than that, and it is occasionally able to purchase generic equivalents for as little as $20 each dose. Go through the details about testosterone replacement therapy.

One of the potential risks associated with testosterone replacement medication is an increased risk of developing blood clots in the veins. If a man takes one of these medications, he runs a significantly increased risk of developing a pulmonary embolism, which is a potentially fatal blood clot. Tenderness in the breasts, swelling in the ankles, and an increase in the number of red blood cells are some of the additional negative effects. It is important to note that the use of testosterone replacement treatment is not recommended for everyone, as it may not be safe for persons who suffer from certain heart diseases.

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