Characteristics Of Co-Livings

Some co-livings like this place will offer ultra-luxury amenities and others may only cover basic needs, but regardless of this, they will share very particular features such as:

  • All spaces, whether individual or shared, are usually equipped and furnished
  • There is a community manager who is responsible for organizing some activities in the common areas and promoting integration among residents
  • Depending on the type of co-living, different stay times can be managed
  • In general, the payment of the stay includes the use of shared spaces and the private area
  • If the co-living has more locations, there is the possibility of having access to the common areas found in the other buildings or even in other countries
  • Some co-livings may offer extra services such as room cleaning

The co-living has undoubtedly come to stay and is a concept that has gained momentum due to different factors: the way of life of people, the socio-economic environment, and the increase in the average age for marriage or the “popularity” of living rent have been the main factors that have contributed to the growth in demand for these accommodations.

Co-Livings For Families

Although the concept of co-living was born in urban areas, its integral philosophy has been a form of inspiration for what has been extended to other types of housing concepts such as cohousing.

Cohousing is a way of life in which a small group of owners collectively decides what type of project they want to build and what the community areas are going to be. People who can opt for these housing options range from couples, small families, retired people, among others.

Cohousing and coliving represent alternatives that propose to participate in society, live together, and foster community life in times when societies seem increasingly individualistic.

For some, the simple idea of ​​creating stronger connections between the people you live with every day is reason enough to opt for this way of life.

While others believe that the growth of these initiatives is due to other factors such as the aging of the population, the feeling of loneliness, and the expensive price of housing. Visit this site for more information.

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