How to enhance UX design for an ecommerce site? Find here!

Ecommerce is all about customers, and therefore, UX design is an aspect that needs continuous attention. If you have already hired a UX designer Singapore, the next step is to find ways and means to work on your brand experience.

Here are three easy ideas that can help every ecommerce site.

  1. Focus on personalizing your ecommerce site. This includes creating recommendations for consumers, adding a special section for deals and trends, offering ‘buy again’ list and sending personalized emails and newsletters.
  2. Review the checkout system. Customers have limited attention span, and if you want them to complete a deal, ensure that the checkout system is as simple as possible. Keep the design simple and avoid asking for same/similar information time and again.
  3. Create a Wishlist. Having a Wishlist for your customers helps in gaining their attention back to a particular product. People may love something but may not necessarily buy it immediately. With a Wishlist, they will never forget what they wanted.

Finally, focus on UX design for various platforms, such as smartphones, tablets and websites. Apps and websites need to be similar in terms of end user experience, and customers should be able to switch between devices.

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