How to select the ideal storage unit in Toronto

Often, with relocation comes the hassle of discarding useless items that you’re oddly attached to. This is why most of the available movers in Toronto provide storage or warehousing facilities that can be rented out by clients. Read below for the steps to choose the perfect storage unit.

Declutter: The primary step is to declutter and prioritize your belongings. This gives you a fair idea about the number, type and size of items that need to be stored. Accordingly, arrangements can be made.

Purpose and time length: It is important to determine the purpose and time length of rental. If you’re planning to move far or travel, you need not worry about navigation space in the unit or regular access to it. However, if your plan is to optimize the space available in the new place, you might need to periodically visit the unit.

Size of the unit: It is essential to pick the right-sized unit. Preferably, choose a unit that is slightly bigger than what you need. This provides for proper ventilation and room for growth.

  • Small residential units: These are perfect for storing off-season clothes, tools and little knick-knacks that don’t find space in the house.
  • Medium to large units: These are useful in times of relocation, especially if you’re moving into a smaller space.
  • Large to extra-large units: These can be customized to store the entire household. They are convenient if you own a business that is run from home.
  • Commercial units and warehouses: These are the ideal for companies with large inventories.

Accessibility: The location of the unit plays a crucial role in the process. While it is convenient to choose one that is closer to you, it is also advisable to select a locality that is safe for storing your belongings in as well as accessing any time of the day.

Affordability: A lot of factors determine the price of a unit like the location, time length and size. It is important to fix a realistic budget, setting aside a little extra. You must check for available discounts and also discuss the payment policies beforehand to avoid inconvenience.

Insurance facilities: You should choose a storage unit that provides insurance. This way your belongings are covered, should there be any mishaps.

Security: Round the clock surveillance is always preferred to ensure maximum safety of your belongings. Other measures like security fencing, individual locks, limited access and even guards should be implemented if required.

Additional services: You must check for additional facilities like climate control, regular cleaning, monthly pest control and firefighting services that prove to be beneficial.

Past reviews: It is advisable to read the reviews of past customers to know about the quality of services provided. Another good way to evaluate the units is to discuss with people who have availed similar services before.

Personal inspection: Reviews can sometimes be misleading. It is best to personally inspect the units to select the ideal one.

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