Painting, Drawing And Creating Good Art: Jamming In Singapore

Art is not just a hobby but more importantly an opportunity for us all to create something new – be it through paint or pencils! Art jams are about the process of creating art with no rules and restrictions.

Art Jamming Singapore can be therapeutic as they allow you to experiment freely without fear of failure. It’s also fantastic for team building exercises, because Art Jamming encourages everyone involved in the project to collaborate on idea generation while putting their creative skills into practice.

Art Jamming in Singapore start from $70 per session, but definitely worth the price. They are all about the process of creating Art with no rules and restrictions.

The benefits that come from making art – whether it be through paintbrush strokes or just picking up some colored pencils – has been well documented by psychologists over the  years, who have found that Art Jams help people to build self-confidence and creativity.

Art jams aren’t just limited to drawing and painting – you can find art jams that incorporate other skills such as music, dance, performance arts or even Art Jamming workshops! Anyone with an interest in Art Jams should browse the calendar for upcoming events: there’s bound to be one near you!

They are perfect for improving your networking skills and meeting like minded creatives who share the same passions.

Art Jamming is a kind of performance art that incorporates different mediums such as music, dance and visual arts. Founded in the Netherlands during the 1990’s Art Jams typically take place outside of traditional institutions like museums or galleries.

It has gained momentum since around 2000 with many new forms emerging from it including street performances, open studio events and even exhibitions.

The idea behind an “art jam” is to have participants improvise together using any material they come across – anything from paint on canvas to pieces of wood collected off the streets can be transformed into artwork through this process.

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