Popular Types Of Nicotine Replacement Therapy To Help You Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker and have tried to give up previously, you will know how challenging it is. Nicotine is highly addictive, and many people struggle when they try and give up and often fall back into smoking again. However, you can significantly improve your chances of quitting smoking successfully if you use nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), and there are many options you can consider using. If this sounds like something that you might want to try to help you quit, below are some of the various NRTs you can consider using to help you.

Try Chewing Nicotine Gum

Nicotine gum is one of the oldest forms of NRT that people use to help them give up smoking, but it is not for everyone. If you like to chew gum, it can be an excellent option for you, and you can purchase it in supermarkets, pharmacies, and online. However, many people use it in conjunction with other NRTs when they are struggling with cravings, so it is good to have some of this no matter what NRT you decide to use.

Stick A Nicotine Patch On Yourself

An effective NRT that many people have used successfully to help them quit smoking are nicotine patches. These patches are simple to use, and you can buy them from pharmacies, supermarkets, and online stores. They are available in varying nicotine strengths, so there is an ideal dose for almost everyone. The patches can last for 24 hours, and when you are washed and dressed in the morning, choose a suitable part of your skin, and stick a patch to it. They are discreet, and people will not tell you are wearing one, and if you find yourself flagging at all, try chewing some nicotine gum.

Blow Massive Vape Clouds

One of the most popular NRTs that millions of people worldwide use is vaping. There are many different types of vaping devices available, and you can also get lots of tasty e-liquids. You can purchase the e-liquids in varying nicotine strengths from 0mg to 20mg, and the vaping experience can be as complicated or simple as you want. You can also get a disposable vape ready to use as soon as you take it out of the packaging. Disposable vapes are also an excellent additional NRT that you can use in conjunction with others, which can give you relief from your cravings when you are struggling.

Use A Nicotine Spray

You can also consider using a nicotine spray, and there are a couple of options available to you. You can use an oral spray which you spray into your mouth and aim for the back of your throat, which is fast-acting and helps control your cravings. You can also use a similar nasal spray, but you put the spray up your nose rather than in your mouth. It is not an ideal delivery method for everyone, but using this NRT can give you an excellent chance to quit smoking successfully and start living a smoke-free life.

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