Reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 10 Pro

The Windows 10 pro upgrade is not just for dwellers of cubicles who don’t have a choice in the matter at hand. While those using professional PC will tend to automatically upgrade to this particular higher operating system which is a high-end, PC enthusiasts and smaller businesses might have to try weighing on the benefits of using the pro versions against the Windows 10 Home. There might be cheap upgrades for the PC World which are going on which might eliminate the cost of going with the pro upgrades.

Windows 10 pro doesn’t seem to take everything away from the users of Windows 10 Home but what it does is to simply make it more sophisticated with a lot of features. You need to ensure that you pay close attention though more devices tend to be opting for the Windows Home including the hardware for the Microsoft Surface Pro. You might require to opt for the edition for Business instead of going for the installed operating system of Windows 10 pro.

What is the cost of Windows 10 pro?

It is going to cost you about 129$ to be able to download from Amazon Windows 10 Home after the price was raised by Microsoft. For the Windows 10 Pro, you will pay about $200 or lesser depending on where you are going to purchase it from. Microsoft is known to charge about $139 for direct downloads of Windows 10 Home and about $199 for Windows 10 Pro direct downloads.

You might as well take advantages of other sites which might have special deals for the same. The license for Windows 10 Pro is about $40. There is an option of buying system builder e-tailers. It is normally a choice if you are an enthusiast but it doesn’t offer support or instructions from Microsoft. The cheapest Windows 10 Home goes for about $110 while the cheapest Windows 10 Pro goes for about $129.

Microsoft was offering Pro pack for the upgrade of Windows 10 Home to move to the Windows 10 Pro but it is now a function that is handled by the Microsoft Store app which is within the Windows 10.  In the search box, you will need to enter the Windows 10 Pro and then follow on with the instructions. From Microsoft, you will have to pay it for about $99.

There are some useful webpage that have been created by Microsoft for having to compare between the various versions of Windows 10, which breaks them down and gives you reasons why you should upgrade to Windows pro in about four categories; the deployment and management, the fundamental, the windows updates and the security.

All the categories have some relevance as to the power of users as well as to the traditional business uses also. While there might be a dozen different varieties available, there are several aspects that tend to the ones which will influence your decision of whether you should make an upgrade to the Windows 10 pro or not.

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