The Best Christmas Movies to watch on Disney plus in 2021

Disney plus, the company’s streaming service, has opened, and Christmas movie marathons will have even more enchantment now that Disney has included it. There are many holiday films in the Disney plus collection, whether you want to relive classics like A Christmas Carol or introduce your children to characters you grew up with like Mickey and Goofy.

Wear your Santa hat—or mouse ears—and encourage your family to come together. These Disney plus Christmas movies are guaranteed to get everyone in the festive spirit.

‘Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas’

This Christmas season, Mickey and his pals will entertain us with a variety of tales, both old and new. In addition to “A Very Goofy Christmas,” this anthology film has a new take on “The Gift of the Magi,” as well as familiar Disney characters like Donald and Goofy.

‘A Christmas Carol (2009)’

The Grinch’s Jim Carrey takes on the role of Ebenezer Scrooge in the computer-animated version of A Christmas Carol, bringing fresh life to the iconic villain. It’s a riveting journey through the timelessly ageless Charles Dickens story with amazing visual effects propelling the imaginative story of Christmas ghosts past, present, and future.

‘The Santa Clause’

Upon inadvertently murdering Santa Claus, divorced father Allen finds himself miraculously destined to succeed the big man. It is only through his hesitant learning that he becomes the greatest possible father he can be, and in doing so, becomes a better man.

You can watch this one among other disney plus christmas movies.

‘The Santa Clause 2’

Even if we had told you back in 1994 that The Santa Clause would be followed not just by a sequel but also a trilogy, you might have claimed you had to see it for yourself to believe it. In other words, looking is not believing; believing is seeing, as Judy the Elf taught us.

 If you liked the first film, you would definitely like the sequel just as much. Many of the same comedy elements are there, but many new characters, plots, and effects are to enjoy.


Kris Kringle’s children Noelle and Nick, are played by Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader, respectively. Nevertheless, since Nick is the next in line to take up his father’s Santa responsibilities, he rapidly cracks under pressure.

And when Nick suddenly goes missing, Noelle must locate her brother to preserve Christmas.


Frozen’s worldwide appeal to children is one of the most perplexing contemporary occurrences. It’s time for your kids to start singing “Let It Go” for the rest of the time since Disney+ has everything you need to know.

‘Home Alone’

Even though Kevin McAllister constantly appears to be left behind, Home Alone is a beloved family film that will never be forgotten. MaculayCulkin plays Kevin, the youngest of five children who is left home alone while his family goes on vacation for Christmas. The specific film was directed by John Hughes and stars MaculayCulkin as per data.

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