Top 3 essential features of a web app

You should ask the web app development agency in Singapore for the following three features for sure.

Mobile interface

The primary feature to look for in every web app is the interface created with the mobile users in mind. Since the majority of your customers and users will only be using mobiles to browse, your web app should be optimized for mobiles to avoid discomfort.

Social media login

Another primary feature to consider while developing your web app is the option to log in to the site using a social media profile. Signing up to a website may take time sometimes and this delay may irritate your customers. Hence, you should have this facility to let them access your application with social media profiles as the majority of them will have such an account. This process of login will not take much time.

Reports or analytics

It is of no use to have a web app acquiring customers without knowing the count of such users and their behaviors on the application. As a business, you should know your customers’ interest areas of your application and the demographics of the target customers. Hence, you should integrate analytics and reporting mechanisms with the application for sure.

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