What Should Parents Know About Their Kid’s Braces? 

Correcting the dental alignment before it starts affecting the kid’s dental growth is essential. Kids braces address problems in dental alignment. Make an appointment with a dentist to follow the recommendations of pediatric dentists. Ensure your child gets their first check-up before turning one year old and their bite examined before turning seven. These tests are essential for their excellent dental growth.

Since children’s jaw and bone structures are still developing, wearing braces will make moving their teeth into better alignment easier. They will naturally align and cause less discomfort to the child. Adults might have to wait longer for teeth straightening procedures to be successful, although they can still benefit people of all ages. To know more, book your appointment with the family dentist in Pacific Beach, San Diego.

Does Your Child Require Braces? 

A child might feel self-conscious when they smile because they have crooked teeth, overbites, or underbites. There are these conditions that make them think underconfident about themselves. Their peers might make fun of them or call them nicknames in many situations. All of this will cause a lot of under-confidence in the child.  

All of this can also make eating, brushing, and flossing difficult. Early treatment of these defects can boost a child’s confidence and sense of self, particularly if their teeth are severely misaligned. It can also help prevent future health issues. Dentists may also notice unusual damage to teeth. In addition to being a typical result of eating, misaligned teeth or jaws can also lead to tooth deterioration. 

Teeth are more susceptible to infection and decay as they degrade. You should be careful and make sure it is stopped before it gets serious. Mouth breathing is another sign that your child might need braces; you can see this happening when you are at home with your child. Your tongue will touch your upper teeth when you are breathing normally. But if your child is breathing through their mouth, you will not see this. There will be different signs, and you need to observe them. 

What is Underbite and Overbite? 

When the upper jaw fits inside the lower jaw, the result is an underbite. This situation may cause discomfort and make eating difficult. It also makes individuals less confident and self-conscious about their appearance. To address an underbite, orthodontists use braces to expand the jawbone. This will significantly cure the underbite and give a permanent solution to the individual. 

An overbite requires braces when the upper teeth significantly overlap the lower teeth. Overbites can lead to pain, teeth damage, and eating and chewing problems. Overbites should be cured as soon as possible. Many dental devices can be used to cure the overbite. 

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