Things You Want to Say No to After A Spa Treatment

What one experiences after having an amazing spa day is described as nothing less, but pure bliss. You will be pampered throughout your visit and will feel absolutely fresh and rejuvenated. However, did you know you can expand the benefits of the services that you just paid for?

The thing is, there are top 5 things which you must not do after getting a spa treatment. Avoiding these 5 things will not only enhance the benefits of the treatments you got, but also relax you further and help you have a non-stressful day ahead.

5 things you must avoid after a spa treatment: 

  • Exercising: Yes, it is unfortunate, but it is highly recommended by any spa in Québec that you don’t hit your gym after taking treatment like steam, sauna, body massage and facial. The thing is, the sweat which is built up during a workout can clog your skin pores, and that is not what you want. Also, you don’t want to stress your muscles after having an amazing body massage at any great spa like Strom Spa Nordique Québec.
  • Touching your face: No matter what products you are using, it is recommended that you don’t touch your face for at least 72 hours after a facial treatment. The products used in the treatment might not get along with the ones you have at home instead of doing anything good to your skin, you might suffer from severe redness and inflammation.
  • Going out in sun: Most of the spa treatments include scrubs and some type of peel offs. Now, when such products are used, they usually expose a new layer of skin cells, which is highly affected by sun rays. So, if you don’t want to risk getting sunburn or irritation, it is best to avoid going in sun after treatment like facials and body scrubs.

  • Drinking alcohol: Spa treatments are quiet detoxing, and this is the reason why every time your therapist recommends you to drink a lot of water. However, if instead of water and fresh juice you will pump in alcohol in your body, it will simply strain the kidneys, and thus make you feel sore and tired instead of being fresh.
  • Going for a job interview or a first date: Don’t indulge in any taxing activities. You need to relax. Your face and skin will be a little red after the treatment and thus it is not the best time to go for an interview or a first date either.

Lastly, don’t forget that your therapist will be happy to help you in every way, even after the treatment is over. So, if you need any advice, don’t hesitate and talk to them.

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