How could you rank high on Google SERP?

Everyone who owns a website would love to rank higher in the Google SERP. The primary reason is the number of visitors a webpage could get if it ranks at the top of the SERP. There will not be anyone who would go through all the webpages ranked from one to a hundred to find what he wants. An average person will type the key term for which he needs information and will look at the top ten results only. In these ten also, the leading webpages alone will get a decent amount of traffic. So, you have to know several factors that are causing your website to rank in Google. You can analyze your web page’s current position for each keyword by using any free rank checker online. If your webpage is not there in the top ten results, you would have to improve the site’s SEO. Else, you will not get any visitors to the website. There are some ways to rank high on Google. Let us look at some of these ways in brief in this article.

Ways to rank high on Google

Finding relevant and popular keywords

All the webpages of your website will contain some content. Even product pages will also have some words. These words are important to rank your webpages. You could not rank on Google with words that do not have anything to do with your customers. If your webpage wants to show up when a user searches for a thing, your webpage should have those terms that the user types in the search box. These words are known as keywords. So, you should finalize your niche and start working on researching the keywords that are used by your customers or target audience. Then, you should incorporate these keywords into your website content. If your selected keyword has more search volume, you will get more visitors to the webpage if it ranks on Google.

Content optimization

Content is king in all webpages. Let us assume that you are having a webpage that you yourself will not read completely because of lack of quality. How could you expect people to stay on the page? Google’s primary ranking requirement is the quality of the content. Your webpage should provide value for the visitor in any way possible. Else, your webpage will not get ranked on the search engine.

Building authority

Authority is another vital factor while you look at Google rankings. If your website has several referred domains, you will get decent ranks on Google. Referred domains are the websites that link to your webpages from their posts. If you have these links, Google will assume that your website is reliable. So, your website will rank higher.

Image optimization

Apart from your content, you have to concentrate on optimizing your images also. You can use various tools that help in image optimization while uploading your content. You should provide alternate text to show up when the image is not loaded due to network issues.

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